Casual dating are more and more acceptable for women just like men in Australia

cougar dating in Australia

Over the last decade or so, cougar dating in Australia has really picked up and for good reasons too. No longer are middle-aged women whose pheromones’ are lessening by the day, willing for their men to get back from work and “maybe” have a quick one before nodding off, exhausted from the day’s work. They want sex, plain and simple, or companionship, and they pay willingly for it. Many a young man going through college has financed his higher education majorly through generous allowances from well-to-do patrons with high social standing and well-connected sources.

So what do we mean by casual dating? According to general consensus, it is a date that might end up with a one-night stand at a discreet place, o a near-sexual relationship, where you do everything but have intercourse. It’s got nothing to do with holding hands across a table and looking into each other’s eyes for ages. Times have changed and so have people. The little window of leisure time you get is lessening by the day and what it boils down to is the plain and simple fact that you need to squeeze every last bit of juice out of that lemon by daybreak. If you want to meet local cougars, all you need to do is register yourself on a popular local cougar dating website. Do not disregard the initial information fields, as it will generate interest from like-minded hot mommas.

Free cougar dating is also picking up pace, where you just need to  initiate contact on the website and then carry out any conversations or activities out of the glare of the spotlights. For the woman to be laid the way she wants, with a passionate lover going down on her nether regions for ages, is a dream come true because men usually do not indulge in much foreplay. Cougar dating in Australia allows you to chop and change your lovers till you find the one who hits the sweet spot. The element of secrecy adds to the spice in the relationship, and an encounter can be arranged at offbeat places, like drive-ins, the last row of the theatre, a “picnic”, or a supposed trip to visit the family, whilst you’re busy blowing. Chances are that your husband has his eyes on the office secretary as well, so why deny yourself some fun on the side?

Another kind of cougar is the single, independent and successful woman, usually in her forties. She has her carer settled, no worries about finances, nor anybody to cast a shadow on her moral character. And to tell you the truth, amoral is as good as the time it was cast in. it’s a brave new world out there today, and the sooner you accept it, the easier it becomes. At the end of the day, cougar dating rules, not only because of its absence of rules but also because of the freedom and convenience it gives to many a sex-starved hottie.

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