Positive Ways To Live With Herpes And Date Someone With Herpes

It is seen that many people are not at all comfortable discussing or talking about Sexuality and Sexuality related health issues. Out of the many issues which need to be discussed for certain are matters pertaining to dating with Herpes. It must be noted that cold sores of the mouth, as well as genital herpes, are medically the one and the same condition. In case you are suffering from a similar medical condition, it is but natural to be very apprehensive about your dating. It can be quite embarrassing for you to be disclosing the facts to your partner.


What is important though first identifying the problem and then figuring out ways to overcome the same. Living with Herpes may be very depressing. The good news is that even though there are people suffering from Herpes and yet the problem is well recognized and there are many herpes dating sites which you can use for dating. Let us however try and understand the problem and see why even if you or your partner is suffering you need not get all that worried.

Getting the Right Facts about Herpes

You must take note of the fact that most people have little or no information about herpes. However, since this is a very sensitive matter it is of critical importance that one has the right information so that the same can be dealt with in the correct manner.

  • Herpes is basically a viral skin condition which is also known as cold sores on the face or herpes on genitals or other skin areas. 
  • This condition most often than not shows up as small blisters either the mouth or on the genitals. 
  • Many people who have genital herpes may not realize that they have it. In fact, the absence of symptoms by itself does not mean that the person may not have it.
  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) can be passed from the person who has the herpes virus present on the skin to skin contact with the live herpes virus.
  • It is seen that using latex condoms can reduce the risk of the virus getting transmitted can be reduced by about 50%.  
  • The condition can at times be spread by people who are not aware that they have it since they have not been diagnosed with the same.
  • There is effective oral Anti Viral treatment for people who are suffering from the problem of Genital Herpes. 

Going by the facts as mentioned above, considering that you are already suffering from the problem and also aware of it, does not mean doom for you. So in case you are on the lookout for the right partner, there are ways and means available today to meet your requirement. These are mainly in the form of specific Herpes Dating Sites. There are of course a large number of them. In fact, there are even some very popular free herpes dating sites as well. Many of them even make some tall claims as well. But in your own interest, it is best that you spend some quality time doing the right research and thereafter finding out what would best serve your interest in terms of Herpes Dating.  

What to consider for selecting the right dating platform?

If you are a person suffering from HSV it is but natural for you to consider different factors before you say “yes” to a date and thereafter falling in love again. The main challenge for you would be in finding a suitable platform that offers all an HSV single needs in order to find true love and stay happy. As already mentioned even though there are a lot of herpes dating websites but very few actually meet the all-important needs. Apart from this you also need to note that there are only a very few which actually provide a suitable system that works in the best interest of HSV singles. To analyze and meet up to the standards suitable for HSV sufferers, the best dating application for HSV singles the following are some important parameters which you must consider:

  • App flexibility- You must find out whether it suits you
  • User privacy- Can you be certain that your privacy regarding the matters would be there
  • The community- You must consider how’s the community. Is it very supportive
  • Perfect matchmaking ability- This is again a key requirement for individuals like you 
  • Adequate knowledge base and overall help to users- This, of course, a broad guideline which is applicable for any dating site and particularly for Herpes Dating Sites.

To conclude we hope that the information provided here will help you to find out your date even if you are suffering from Herpes. 

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