The difficulties of dating with herpes!

You may feel devastated when you are diagnosed with herpes. You may also feel that now you have to stay with herpes and your love life is flux. People often refrain from herpes dating due to n numbers of reasons. They may feel that they can be judged by others or they are afraid of spreading the disease to their future partner or they are simply terrified about facing the world. But the good news is that dating with herpes is not that bad as it sounds to be. Herpes is a common disease and world will not be quick to judge you just because you have herpes.

In these articles, we have come up with some amazing herpes dating tips which can help you to breathe some fresh air in the otherwise stale love life of yours.

As pointed out above that herpes is a very common disease and people will not be quick to judge you just because you have a disease. In case there are some people who are cruel enough to judge you because of your disease, you will have to learn to ignore them. You cannot let those people ruin your peace of mind. You are an individual with your own set of qualities and no person in the world has the right to make you feel bad just because of your physical condition.

You are not your disease!

Even before the world judges, people suffering from herpes judge themselves. Spare yourself from this is just a disease like any other disease and it is not entire you. Many people do herpes dating for love and not just to have sex. You date because you like companionship, sense of humor, nature, humility, or other qualities of a person. You date because you wish to fill the vacuum of your life. Herpes is just one of the factors in the equation and not the entire equation. Forgetting you have a disease may be difficult but at least you can learn to behave normally and be your best at the date by counting your blessings and ignoring things that are bad and makes you sad.

Be upfront about the disease before you have sex! 

When to reveal your disease to your partner may be a difficult question with no definite answer. It totally depends on your chemistry with your partner. But one thing is for sure that the revelation should be made before having sex so that your partner can make a choice about the amount of risk he or she would like or not like to take. Revealing about your disease after having sex will more of a betrayal to your partner. He may feel denied of making an informed choice and it can go against your love life. So if you are trying to figure out how to date with herpes, make sure you be upfront about your disease before you have sex with your partner. For you, it is mandatory to stay with herpes but your partner has the right to choose.

Have safe sex!

When you are doing herpes dating for love you will have a genuine concern of not spreading the disease to someone you care about and love. You may be afraid of having sex with your partner by fear of spreading the disease during intercourse. But if you practice suppressing techniques and use protections like condoms and dental dams during intercourse, chances of spreading the disease will reduce by many folds. Using condoms even during oral sex will prevent transmission of the disease to the mouth of your partner.

What if your partner has herpes!

Living with herpes is one thing but listening to the news of your partner having herpes can send you a little out of the loop. You may feel worried and sad. It is natural and understandable. But don’t take it out on that person who has tried being honest with you in the relationship. Whether you wish to continue dating with the person or will be totally your call but try being polite and sensitive with the person even if you to end the relationship. Many people have herpes and there are high chances that you also have the virus inside you. So just be sensitive, patient and polite while handling the entire issue.

The right person will not reject you!

There are high chances of rejection once you tell about your disease to your parent. But if you are honest about you being diagnosed with the disease right from the beginning, embrace your condition with an open mind, and learning and practicing all things to prevent the spread of disease to your partner then there are high chances that you can do herpes dating without any difficulty. The right person will empathize with you and never reject you just because you are suffering from a disease.

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